Andei a treinar nas fotos e acho que esta imagem é a prova disso, ficaram muito melhores as cores e só com as 2 t5 ligadas!

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  1. Pepe disse...

    Luis the layout is excellent, a composition that transmits peace and harmony.

    Regards, Pepe.

  2. Luis Moniz disse...

    Thank you pepe, its nice to know you like it!

    I will let this layout this way until xmas, but next year he needs change, i will use the same hardscape but just change the way he is!


    Luís Moniz

  3. Anónimo disse...

    Amazing and very goodlooking layout. Very, very, very good job !!!

  4. Luis Moniz disse...

    Hi Norbert,
    Its a honour for me have you comment my work, thank you so much for your words, I am glad you like it!
    If this tank are healthy its because of you, you always help me and reply all my doubts.

    Thanks Norbert!

  5. Anónimo disse...

    Uss... One more time :)
    Ohh Luis. You are great designers. Very good work!!!

  6. Luis Moniz disse...

    Thank you so much Tomasz, I am a big fan of your work and you know that. For me see you comment my work its amazing, thank you so much, I am very happy to know you like it!



  7. Unknown disse...

    Para mim, das melhores montagens que já vi.

    Parebens Luis.


  8. Anónimo disse...


  9. Anónimo disse...

    olá boa noite,
    gostei bastante do projecto, quem fez o móvel faz outro para mim? :P
    cumprimentos e boa aquariofilia.

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