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  1. Rubén disse...

    Beauty my friend!!!!
    I would like to see more small fishes......


  2. Anónimo disse...

    Hi Rúben,
    Thank you so much for your comment I Im glad you like it, about the fish, I have there 30 Paracheirodon axelrodi and 10 Pristella maxillaris, but they are always hidden. :(



  3. Pepe disse...

    Hello Luis,thanks for your invitation.

    Always there can be nice and good people............. in this hobby many bad people exist, with a lot of envy.

    The layout, Fantastic!



  4. Anónimo disse...

    Hi pepe,
    Sorry for that situation, I know is boring have to login to enter here but for the reason you know must be.
    About the layout thank you, I am glad you like it!


    Luís Moniz

  5. Xema disse...

    Hello Luis,

    I really love the way you get ferns and wood looks as a same thing.

    Only a problem, you need add another kind of fish as Rasboras or Boraras.

    Really a wonderfull work.

  6. Pedro Gomes disse...

    Simply stunning... the layout is so perfect.
    And everything so clean, it's amazing.


  7. Luis Moniz disse...

    Thanks Pedro!

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